In most companies, computers are the single most important productivity tool. Keeping them secure and working is what we do.

We are specialists at computer maintenance and can keep your Windows, Linux and Unix computers working and communicating with each other.

Computer Networks and Network Security

A fast, stable network is required to get the most from your computer investment. We can design and build state of the art, wired and wireless networks. We can recommend the best local ISPs (Internet service providers).

We also specialize in getting broadband internet service to you in difficult locations where there is no obvious solution.

Wireless Network Security

A wireless data network must be implemented carefully to avoid security issues. We have implemented everything from open, "internet cafe" networks to wireless networks used in medical offices that meet HIPPA requirements.

VPN or Home to Office Connection

Do you need to access office data from home or on the road? We can implement secure, reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology at a very reasonable cost. This same technology can be used to securely connect two or more offices using the internet.

Backups and Archives

Are you protected?

Monitored on-site and off-site backups can keep your business data safe in the event of accidental deletion or worse. We can recommend the best options for your business.

Network Download Speed Test

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